The Garden

Our garden – helping young minds grow!

We’re very fortunate to have a lovely garden for the children to run around and we encourage outdoor play on a daily basis. The garden was given a glowing report during our last Ofsted inspection.

We believe it’s really important for the children to learn about where food originates and to encourage a love of gardening and the outdoors at the same time. In fact, all the fruit and vegetables in our garden have been planted and tended by the children following the advice of a gardening expert who has been working together with the staff and children to devise a “planting diary”.

In our garden, we have strawberries, carrots, radishes, sweet peas, courgettes as well as tomatoes (normal and cherry) and basil in our greenhouse. We also have sunflowers, a herb bag and a pot of mint. We have a combination of fast-growing produce (for more instant results), such as cress and salad leaves which the children can pick, wash and eat as a snack, and other produce that take longer to grow and which can be cultivated by the children over time .


"Children enjoy planting a wide variety of fruit and vegetables in the large, attractive garden where children can choose to play outside.…promoting exercise, and this is possible even in wet weather due to the organisation of the outdoor area."
Latest Ofsted Report
"The children are encouraged to water and look after what they are growing. They really enjoy pulling them up and eating them later as a snack."
Staff Member