Typical Sessions

Our sessions are structured around child-led play. They are learning whilst they are having a great time.

On arriving at the pre-school in the morning, you can help your child hang up their coat and bag on their designated peg and be welcomed by a member of staff. Once your child has been registered and found their name on the board, they can go into the main room for free play. Each day we put out a different selection of toys and activities which are designed to entertain and stimulate the children, including puzzles, crafts, dressing up, role play, modelling dough – to name but a few. This free play helps the children to settle in and feel at ease.

At 9.30am we have ‘Show and Tell’, which is a favourite amongst the children. This takes place in the ‘Quiet Room’ and here your child has the opportunity to show the others something they have brought from home, which normally relates to the current theme. This encourages the children to talk and listen, as well as promoting general conversation at the playgroup and at home.

At 10.15am, the children sit together with the staff and enjoy a healthy snack and a drink of milk or water. Examples of the snack include fruit, vegetable sticks, yogurt, breadsticks or even something grown from our garden.

We are fortunate to have a fantastic outdoor space at the pre-school consisting of a large garden with fruit trees, a winding path to run around and an area for our own home grown vegetables, as well as a large tarmac area where the children can play inside the play house as well as playing with the sand table and painting. The children need no encouragement to play outdoors and we are very proud of this space.

Towards the end of the session, the children enjoy ’Story time’ as well as singing and they then assemble at 12.15pm (12.00pm on a Wednesday and Thursday) and wait to be collected. If your child has signed up for a morning session and lunch club on a Wednesday or Thursday, they will eat their packed lunch together and wait to be collected at 1pm. If your child has signed up for the all day session on a Wednesday or Thursday, they will eat their packed lunches at lunchtime and enjoy further free play, an afternoon snack and the opportunity for more outdoor play and a planned activity until they are collected at 3pm.

"Christopher loves "show and tell" as he loves showing his special toys to his friends."
Alison, mum of Christopher
"Lucy loves to dress up and she loves all the dressing up clothes at the pre-school."
Mhairi, mum of Lucy